Mortgage Rate Update

Rate Information Supplied by Kristi Sauter, Trilogy Mortgage Corporation

Ready to Purchase?

Before you start the house hunting process, there is one critical step that you need to take… get a mortgage pre-approval.

What is a mortgage pre-approval?

A pre-approval confirms that a lender will loan you a certain amount of money at a certain rate so that you can afford to buy a home. There is no fee and no commitment.

Why get a mortgage pre-approval?

  • It lets your real estate agent know that you are not only serious about buying, but you are ready to start viewing homes.
  • It saves you time.  Now you can focus in on only the homes in your price range.
  • When it comes time to make an offer, the seller will know that you are able to purchase, making your offer much more appealing & competitive.
  • Finally, your mortgage professional can keep an eye on your locked-in interest rate.  If the rates fall, they can adjust your rate so you can take advantage.  If the rates increase, you are secured at the lower rate.