Hat Smart 2020

2020 Rebates

HAT Smart is a popular and award-winning City of Medicine Hat environmental initiative. Its mandate is to educate consumers and promote energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives in our community.

EnerGuide Ratings for New Homes

Investments you make in energy efficiency during the construction stage can pay off in lower energy bills. Reducing a home’s energy consumption by 10 gigajoules per year can reduce lifetime energy costs by about $3,000.  Rebate Amount – $100 per gigajoule below the “typical new house” baseline to a maximum of $10,000

Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners that have earned ENERGY STAR® certification and have a SEER rating of 16 or higher deliver superior efficiency and performance by incorporating advanced features. On average, these qualifying units use approximately 25% less than the minimum standard for new air conditioner units.  Rebate Amount – $350 per qualified unit installed

Solar Electric Panels

Did you know that one of the best solar resources in Canada is in Alberta? Medicine Hat enjoys 330 days of sun each year. That’s an annual photovoltaic (PV) potential of 1,367 kWh/kW. Our community is a great location to install rooftop solar PV systems.  Rebate Amount – $1.00 per watt to a maximum of $6,000.  Please note that solar PV system size refers to cumulative project size in nominal Direct Current (DC) watts.

Scratch & Win

The Scratch & Win program helps customers save on smaller energy efficient purchases. From switching to LED lightbulbs, to installing a programmable thermostat, small changes add up to big savings!  Rebate Amount – 20-100% to a maximum of $100

For more information about these savings visit https://www.medicinehat.ca/government/departments/utility-sustainability/hat-smart

Info from the City of Medicine Hat Website